Our Pharmacists are here to help. Speak to us in person or over the phone. We consult on drug interaction or side effect concerns, CPR, Gout management and Asthma treatments guidelines. Speak to us if you suspect Opioid Dependence.

We offer discounted prices on Specialty and hard to source medications.
Licensed & Registered Pharmacists - Over Ten Years' Experience
  • Pharmaceutical Care Counselling
  • Glucose, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Injectable Medications Available
  • Extra Advantage Care for Diabetics & Hypertensive Customers
  • Easy Prescription Transfer
  • Minimal Wait for Prescription Processing
  • Over-the-Counter Items
  • All Insurance Plans & NIB Drug Plan Members Accepted
  • Delivery Available Upon Request
  • Veterinary Medications Available
  • Easy NIB Registration Available
  • Drop off Expired Medication or Unused Medication for Proper Disposal
  • NIB covers hypertension medication for senior citizens over the age of 65 and civil servants (our staff can help patients with their registrations)